Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So many of my ambitious, creative, and over-achieving friends have blogs for their family and friends to visit, so they finally peer-pressured me into starting one...

And for my first entry, our Florida Spring Break for 2008! Unfortunately, Ed was not able to go with us because he was in New Jersey for his job training for Johnson & Johnson. :( We missed him terribly, but the time went by much quicker in Florida than it would have without him at home!! So, the kids and I made the drive to Florida with the help of my wonderful sister, Katie.

(She is going to LOVE that picture!) She did GREAT in the car with the kids, entertaining, feeding, peace-keeping, while I did the driving. The kids actually did quite well in the car. We did a 16-hour driving day, slept at a hotel, drove for another 8 hrs, and made it to Bradenton, FL, where my grandparents live. We then rented a house on Anna Maria Island with my parents and Katie's boyfriend, Steve, for 10 glorious days of sun, fun, and relaxation!!!

Well...mostly relaxation...the first day there, we had to take Claudia to an Emergency Room because she was having trouble breathing - turned out she had the beginnings of the pneumonia and possibly asthma/allergies...we'll see... And Jacob kept us all from relaxing TOO much by waking us all up by 7:15 am each morning, demanding choos and dirchees (treats and cookies, if you haven't spent much time w/ him lately). The kids kept us busy in the mornings and evenings, but they were FANTASTIC at the beach. They were so much fun! Claudia is a little water-girl, and Jacob just enjoys wandering around, picking up rocks (not shells), pointing out birds, and digging in the sand. After 10 days of fun in the sun, we actually were beginning to be ready to go home. The drive home was not quite as fun as the drive there, but it never is. It was good to get home, but, wow, what a great spring break we had this year! Thanks to my family for taking care of the 3 of us without Ed!! Can't wait for next year!

by Ed and Carley
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