Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An Extreme 4-Year Old

Jake turned 4 a few short weeks ago and celebrated in a number of extreme ways, from go-karting at Craig's Cruisers to water-skiing at Pickeral Lake. Like his Daddy, he is usually successful at whatever he chooses to try -- as I stand by watching with both pride and terror. (Yes, I did jump out of the moving speed boat when he dropped off from his first water-skiing experience, and I'm not ashamed of it.) We are proud of our little boy for so many reasons. Jake can be incredibly sweet and kind, usually willing to share his last piece of candy, let Claudia have her way, and lend his beloved Nemo to a friend (as long as she doesn't put it in her mouth). He gives us many good laughs and gives us a run for our money - especially when he's tired and can't control his naughty impulses any longer. He is a Mommy's boy, and I love a good cuddle with him, even if it does mean that his thumb still goes immediately to his mouth. He's a sucker for pop, candy, and soft fabrics, and he plans to be a dirt biker when he grows up. He's our middle child and I hope we parent him in such a way that he realizes the strenths God has given him and chooses to use them for His purposes.

Looking cool with Daddy at Craig's Cruisers

Go-Karting - "That made me really, really tired."

Water-skiing - Jake got up on his first try and skied like a champ!