Friday, May 8, 2009

Jake Pees in the Potty!

No more explanation needed! It's day 7, and he's still doing great!

Tulip Time 2009!

We have a little tradition going with Aunt Meghan and Uncle Steve of seeing a Tulip Time Parade, running around Centennial Park (tiptoeing through the tulips), and riding a few rides at the carnival each year during Tulip Time. This year, we couldn't help but think of next year when their little baby will be joining us! Next year, we've also committed to finding Dutch costumes (or making them???) for the kids...we'll see how that goal turns out!

See what Jake was doing during the parade? Driving his dirtbike through the tulips, of course! (No tulips were harmed during the filming of these pictures.)

Claudia kept her Dutch hat on almost all day! Preschool this morning included!

The yellow tulips were our favorite this year.

Jake's version of Heaven.

Ooh! A video! I've never tried this! And Claudia was sure having fun on this roller coaster!

At the end of the day, the ferris wheel was the favorite part for Claudia. Jake first answered cotton candy, then switched it to the ferris wheel.