Monday, March 14, 2011

Pep Talk

Jake and Claudia were headed over to the our beloved neighbors, the Tiesmas, today. As always, I reminded them of a few ground rules, a pep talk, if you will: pick up after yourselves, remember your manners, and share the toys. I don't know that these pep talks ever actually make a difference. Carrie assures me that my kids are great at their house, but Claudia usually comes home and, when asked if she thanked them, gets a little sheepish grin and admits that she forgot. But Jake had an idea today. "Mom, how about you write each rule down on a piece of paper and I can hold them and look at them to remember!" He was so proud of himself and hopeful that this idea, THIS one, would help make the difference for him... So sweet, then his eyebrows furrowed and he remembered, "But I can't read." Oh, how I love that boy! And then he suggested Claudia could periodically read the notes to him, but, alas, I sent them over without written reminders and hoped for the best.