Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

This year, we had a great Father's Day, celebrating with the Boss side on Saturday at a Tigers' Game in Comerica Park (they won 12-7!)...

...then celebrating with the Hwang side Sunday, where our KIDS ended up with a pretty fabulous gift (how did THAT happen?)...

...then celebrating at home (and later Whippi Dip for ice cream) with just Daddy.

What great FATHERS we have in our family! THANK YOU! WE LOVE YOU!!!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Montreal Girls' Trip

Whew! What a May I have had! After returning from my family's cabin, I (Carley, not Ed!) traveled with my mom and sister to Montreal for our first ever girls' trip. We had a riot! We hope to do it again in another 5 years or so...The weather was NOT very cooperative - rain EVERY day, for MOST of the day, so we felt the go-ahead to shop, shop, and shop some more! We also met some very interesting and friendly people. We were expecting the opposite and had been forewarned that this French-speaking city may give us the cold shoulder. To the contrary, the store clerks we met LOVED us! This may have something to do with us being very good customers, but still! We ended up knowing several store clerks by name, taking pictures with them, being offered PRIVATE tours, given items for FREE, offered peanuts, cookies, and to be made coffee, subject to MANY personal stories, invited on a mission trip to Haiti, and even had DINNER with our favorite new friend, Mary. It was crazy. We all decided we had NEVER been in such a friendly city! We feel we owe it to these people to go back to Montreal someday just to visit them again! And our giggling fits...oh, words cannot explain, but we found ourselves in uncontrollable fits of laughter on several occasions. It was just way too much fun. Sounds crazy, but I can hardly wait to be 35 when I'll hopefully be able to embark on another girls' trip like this one!