Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Family Vacay, Sam is a Nut

Sam has been saying some pretty cute stuff lately. Here's a sampling from our family trip to Great Wolf Lodge, Shenandoah National Park, and Mount Vernon, so far.

In the car: I just tooted. A little tiny one. Yeah, I just did that. A little tiny one like a baby. I'm a baby. Ga, ga, GA!

At Luray Caverns, as we walked underground: Whoa! This is humongous! (really impressed the couple behind us.)

Carrying a dead millipede on a stick during our hike: I love millipedes, Mommy, yeah. I am biking with my millipede. Is this biking? Oh, yeah, hiking.

At George Washington's Tomb: is he sleeping? Oh, he's dead. I can get him out with a shovel.

Anytime we suggest a nap: I not tired, Mommy, no. (lifts his shirt up and puffs out his tummy, don't ask me why.) See?