Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Family Vacay, Sam is a Nut

Sam has been saying some pretty cute stuff lately. Here's a sampling from our family trip to Great Wolf Lodge, Shenandoah National Park, and Mount Vernon, so far.

In the car: I just tooted. A little tiny one. Yeah, I just did that. A little tiny one like a baby. I'm a baby. Ga, ga, GA!

At Luray Caverns, as we walked underground: Whoa! This is humongous! (really impressed the couple behind us.)

Carrying a dead millipede on a stick during our hike: I love millipedes, Mommy, yeah. I am biking with my millipede. Is this biking? Oh, yeah, hiking.

At George Washington's Tomb: is he sleeping? Oh, he's dead. I can get him out with a shovel.

Anytime we suggest a nap: I not tired, Mommy, no. (lifts his shirt up and puffs out his tummy, don't ask me why.) See?


Maria the Great said...

Hilarious little dude you have there! Miss you guys.

Gabbie said...

We need a Sammy fix! is he available anytime soon???